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Flowers To Avoid In A Outdoor Wedding
Outdoor wedding essentials include the perfect floral blooms to off-set your special day and this is why it is very important to understand the limitations of flowers that are exotic or won’t be able to withstand the outdoor conditions of your wedding venue, if you are choosing a place that is not in keeping with the natural growing climate of the wedding flowers. It is in these tiny details, such as choosing the right flowers for an outdoor wedding that lies the secret behind pulling off a perfectly designed theme outdoor weddings.


A Dozen Tips For A Great Out Doors Wedding (part2))
For a summer outdoor wedding, you have no dearth of wedding flower choices since there are many seasonal blooms to choose from, aquatic theme weddings and affordable budget schemes since the warm weather calls for light cocktails and drinks, appetizers and snacks more than a formal sit-down meal apart from the choice of having it outdoors doing away with booking a reception hall or banquet venue that adds to the overall cost of a wedding.


A Dozen Tips For A Great Out Doors Wedding (part 1)
Weddings are times for special celebrations and what makes it even more of a cherished occasion is the element of a certain signature stamp to it, which is easier in these modern times where professional wedding planners are ever-ready with unique ideas, even if you decide to take your wedding outdoors!
Are Destination Weddings Cheaper?
One of the most popular kinds of weddings today is the destination wedding. You might ask, what makes destination weddings so appealing?


Well, the prospect of getting married in an exotic location is something that’s exciting and couples want this one-of-a-kind experience.  However, beyond the thrill in having your wedding day held at a far away destination, another important influencing factor that makes it so attractive ……is the cost.

stacks of dollars

Spending on weddings is something that people don’t mind. This is their big day and they want to make the best it can be. However, wedding costs are rising and it makes sense to cut down on unnecessary wedding costs to save money for something else that you can enjoy as a couple.

Costly Cakes

 Here may be a good reason to use a professional wedding planner.....

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Not many celebrities can have the kind of elaborate wedding preparations that Ryan and Trista had for their wedding, which is being described as the wedding of the century. It is believed that the theme wedding cost a whopping 4 million dollars.


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