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The Popularity Of Destination Weddings

Latest news reports from all over the world indicate a tremendous rise in the sales of destination wedding packages that often combine a honeymoon plan as an extension of the resort booking the couple may have made; recent figure estimate the number of pairs opting for destination weddings at 100,000 couples annually!

Among the most popular choices for hosting a destination wedding, most couples choosing to tie the knot in the US have selected the fun-filled destinations of Las Vegas and Disney World, possibly as places that offer a variety of resources and entertainment ideas for their guests and thus, take much of the high level of wedding planning off their hands!


Destination weddings across Europe are also finding favour with people from all walks of life, including the average working couple who will scrimp and save to have ‘something extra special’ for their wedding day by marrying in an old castle, French vineyard, a moss-covered romantic cliff in Ireland to the lilting sound of bagpipes and even country houses with garden wedding options, that offer historical charm and quaint old-fashioned period style outdoor weddings under flower-bedecked canopies and gazebos!


Such has been the growing popularity of destination weddings that each new couple setting out to be bound by the ties of marriage hopes to out-do the novelty of the last themed wedding they attended: so even more couples are looking at adventurous, often off-beat destinations for hosting their wedding. Places that were more synonymous with planning a summer vacation or honeymoon are increasingly being considered for now organizing a destination wedding – like the tropical isles of Maui, Jamaica and St. Lucia, besides the inviting white sands of Hawaiian islands and rich cultural heritage of Thailand, slickly packaged with traditional ceremony officiant, legal documentation taken care of and even a suite offered by the destination wedding resort for the wedding night.


Many resorts in the prime destination wedding hosting countries are thus looking to beat the competition by offering unique and customized wedding packages that include themed decoration of venue, arrangement for a wedding ceremony performed in a certain religion, services of photographer, live band, exotic cuisine choices, local shopping, sight-seeing and excursion trips for wedding guests besides vouchers for use within the resort for its assorted facilities, like club, disco, bar, spa, boutique shop and health centre!  


Often, the reason why engaged couples choose certain destinations for their wedding is because the resort offers them a discounted honeymoon suite or travel package that is a short flight away from wedding location and thus, they can cut back on travel-time, jet-lag and enjoy more of the first blush of romance post-wedding at the destination wedding as compared to large, highly stressful ceremonies back-home.


The savings on destination weddings aside, many times, couples getting married a second time also prefer destination weddings especially if they haven’t had a happy first marriage ceremony – so as to keep the new memories fresh and un-clouded by the negative ones of the first.


Those couples not keen on the pomp and show of traditional wedding ceremonies arranged in a home-town wedding also prefer the personal, intimate and heartfelt celebrations of a destination wedding with only those guests who mean something to them, instead of inviting the world and his wife as weddings back home require you to call – just for formality’s sake.


Since destination weddings usually offer a complete package of events and facilities, like arrangements for the wedding ceremony, floral decorations, photography and lodging plus transportation for guests beside valet parking, reception facilities and entertainment options for guests that are unique and a change from routine, these make it easier to plan and execute all the fun – with none of the fuss – a truly great wedding!!


Now, is it a wonder that destination weddings are getting so popular with people who want a little more out of life than just the routine of walking down the aisle or signing a register to say ‘I Do’ when there are endless options for getting the dream wedding just right with no shortage of destination wedding choices and an abundance of imaginative themes?



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