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Second Wedding Etiquette

Second Wedding Etiquette

Many people think a lot about how they really want their second wedding. There are lots of doubts on what to wear, how to hold the reception, how to announce the engagement and so on. Second weddings can be carried out very well, provided you carefully check into what is appropriate for you to include in your wedding.

Now when planning your second wedding, you will probably wish to arrange things differently because… this is after all your second marriage. Before you ask about everyone else’s opinion on what you should or should not do… take sometime for yourself and make a list of things that you really feel you personally want to be different than last time. Discuss them with your beloved and proceed to make arrangements accordingly. Here are some general tips for a wonderful second wedding:

§ Wedding Dress – Since wearing white is not something that most people consider to do for their second wedding, how about trying to get an elegant gown in a lovely rich color? This will surely be more fun if you go shopping with the girls.

§ Wedding Announcement – You can announce your engagement and wedding through email, phone or by all means the traditional invitations feel no shame in it.

§ Wedding Location – Destination weddings are often preferred by people who are getting married the second time. It is definitely different and a one-of-a-kind experience, plus it can create an intimate feeling second to none.

§ Informing your ex-spouse – This part can be very difficult when you have children. It must be done with respect and consideration. You can send a letter informing your ex-spouse of your intended wedding and that you have asked the children to participate in it. However maybe to talk together before you official tell the children may be the most desirable way.

§ Wedding Gifts – Well, you cannot really expect people to bring give as many gifts as they did for your first wedding. You can of course register for gifts at online stores that offer this service. Better still discuss with your would-be and register for gifts together.

§ Bridal Shower – Usually people don’t have showers for their second weddings. However, if your friends insist, you have one, with an unusual theme that will interest everyone.

§ Wedding Vows – You might want to consider writing your own wedding vows for your second wedding. You can make the vows more personalized this way. You can also have separate vows after you vows which include your children.

§ Children – Depending on your child’s age, you can ask your child to be a Flower Girl, Bridesmaid, or junior Best man. But in any case it is a great way to unit two families, or to make sure that the children feel special on this day as well.

In addition to these points, you might was to try include special things that are extra important to you as a couple, such as the place in which you honeymoon, the favorite food for the wedding, the kind if invitations you issue, the type of ceremony to just name a few. Although the general practice is that second weddings should be low-key affairs, but its your wedding and you are the ones getting married. … simple or elaborate as you like and make it a lovely experience for yourself, your children and your guests, that is assuming you want any….


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