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If you are looking forward to having a great wedding, having a lot of fun with friends and family but still cannot afford the cost of the lights and glitter then you should begin by considering where you can save on wedding costs.


Things that will drain your bank account include extravagant spending on, centerpieces, catering, wedding location, time and day of the wedding, decorations and of course the wedding attire and a lot of in-betweens.


So put on your thinking cap and consider saving some cash in the following places


Begin with your guest list; trim it down as much as you can. For each guest you add to your list you are increasing the costs significantly. You are not only adding to the catering costs but you will also need to shell out extra for centerpieces, cards, favors, rent and what not, so keep the list small. You will be able to better circulate and have more fun with a limited number of guests.


Shop the Internet for some really good wedding dresses. Your wedding attire as well as the brides maids and flower girls dresses could cost you your first born; surf a bit for festive bargains, seasonal discounts and other schemes that most virtual wedding dress stores allow in a bid for winning customers and you’re sure to find a good deal online. Moreover, you also get to ‘try’ out the chosen dresses on virtual models today by simply entering your vital statistics onto the website’s wardrobe fitting software interactive program that allows buyers to understand fitting and styles without the hassles of in-person shopping, saving time and physical efforts too!


Getting married on a weeknight or Sunday will ensure that you get a good deal from your vendors. This is because there is a lot less demand for these slots and the vendors will be willing to negotiate a rebate.


Then you have the decoration of the reception hall and the church. Try to plan you wedding somewhere near a big religious celebration. This way the church will in all probability be decorated and you will not need to spend much on wedding décor and accents with a little ingenuity for incorporating already existing pieces of church decoration into beautifying your wedding venue. In fact you can hope to save a packet of money on wedding flowers especially if you choose to host your ceremony on or around a religious festival as your place of worship is bound to have plenty of fresh blooms and candles.


If your wedding is scheduled for some other day, you can always go for simplicity. Consider a candlelit wedding ceremony. This is very romantic and inexpensive too as compared to mood, fairy and other types of artificial lighting systems.


You can also trim the wedding budget by asking friends and relatives to help with making favors and decorations besides taking on some responsibility for the wedding.


A well planned wedding means working at it for a couple of months in advance. If the duties are distributed and careful thought put into the catering, locations and shopping you will definitely have an inexpensive wedding with a little bit more to spend on your honeymoon!


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