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A Dozen Tips For A Great Out Doors Wedding (part 1)
Weddings are times for special celebrations and what makes it even more of a cherished occasion is the element of a certain signature stamp to it, which is easier in these modern times where professional wedding planners are ever-ready with unique ideas, even if you decide to take your wedding outdoors!


  1. From garden to spring and even butterflies and dragonfly themes for outdoor weddings, there’s no dearth of unique and unforgettable ideas you can centre your most special day around!


  1. From deciding the right colour for wedding flowers that will add to the décor and also match the outfits of the bride, groom and their entourage, to picking the perfect band and sit-out arrangements that are protected from the elements, you need to focus on assorted details to plan the perfect outdoors wedding.


  1. Think about products to keep a check on outdoor pests, like bees and flies that are a sure-fire way of ruining your great day by bothering the guests. E.g. bamboo torches and incense sticks add ambience to an outdoors wedding, give subtle lighting and fragrance and also shoo away insects. Else opt for citronella candles or bug-zapper machines to keep these at bay!


  1. Consider the different ways in which you can arrange the background wedding accents so the photographer gets it just right, e.g. a formal photographic backdrop that will best show up small to large groups of people in the shots, that is kept to one side of the venue for this purpose only, like a chuppah or canopy with veils and foliage to add charm to a traditional Jewish outdoor wedding or a border of mixed local ferns, flowers and petals across a chic framework of bamboo and cane to highlight a tropical outdoor wedding.


  1. Don’t forget to consider the season when planning your outdoor wedding: if you are the type to go for a burst of colours and wish for floral extravaganzas to decorate the venue, its best you opt for a spring-time wedding. However, if you like the cool, under-toned elegance of fall foliage and subtle shades of autumn, you can design the wedding backdrop to combine elements of September-October months, in leaves, woodsy tints and favours that reflect these months best.


  1. Likewise, for a winter outdoors wedding, you can plan the theme around a winter wonderland scene, include ice-sculptures and centrepieces-perhaps even incorporate Christmas (one couple we know had all the Christmas colours and typical decorations for their rather sultry Christmas Wedding in Hawaii, so they combined the best of 2 seasons in their outdoor beach wedding this way)!


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Posted on Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:08:00 CST