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Flowers To Avoid In A Outdoor Wedding
Outdoor wedding essentials include the perfect floral blooms to off-set your special day and this is why it is very important to understand the limitations of flowers that are exotic or won’t be able to withstand the outdoor conditions of your wedding venue, if you are choosing a place that is not in keeping with the natural growing climate of the wedding flowers. It is in these tiny details, such as choosing the right flowers for an outdoor wedding that lies the secret behind pulling off a perfectly designed theme outdoor weddings.



Flowers are a vital element of wedding decorations and add to the ambience in terms of colour, fragrance and natural beauty, enhancing the atmosphere of an outdoor setting in a soothing, elegant way that other decoration simply cannot.


Whether you choose to present your wedding flowers as bouquets to guests or have them add beauty as centrepieces on the seating or dining areas or arrange them to trail over a canopy (or several if you so wish) or even have a petal-strewn walkway as an alternative to the flower carpet that is so much in vogue for garden weddings these days, you need to learn which are the flowers that will withstand the pressures of an outdoor wedding. There are many flowers that look lovely in the store yet do not measure up in the real outdoor setting and thus, completely ruin your garden wedding dream – not to mention the efforts behind arranging these and your budget.


So, if you are keen on using flowers for your outdoor wedding, it is best to begin with knowing which are the light blooms (which you should avoid keeping in areas prone to wind and excess sunlight that can blow away or fade these or even cause them to droop) and which are the hardy ones, that though not too pleasing to the eye as their more lush counterparts, will hold up to the sturdy décor in most circumstances of an outdoor wedding.


Choose from a complementary colour palette and keep the rest of the outdoor wedding décor elements in mind when selecting your wedding flowers: some of the sturdier blooms include sunflowers, calla lilies, mums etc.


When deciding on the style and arrangement for your outdoor wedding flowers, try and keep to fashions that will help maintain their natural look instead of putting these in intricate designs or over-elaborate pedestals or even centerpieces that may cause them to droop or lose shape. Opt for loose arrangements of seasonal, sturdy blooms for your outdoor wedding kept in small, flat water-filled containers to which a dash of salt has been added to make them last longer; you can choose to float some of these too, if you don’t fancy arranging them lightly in theme-coloured urns or wooden boxes.


For outdoor wedding in the summer, flowers to avoid include orchids, roses and calla besides tulips, freesia and sweet peas. Professional wedding florists recommend avoiding flowers like alstomeria, too, as these tend to wilt in the heat. Instead, they advise going in for more of Bird of paradise, red ginger and orange calla lilies that can be arranged in spectacular fashions with a burst of foliage like, areca palm, fan palm, banana leaves and monstera. Or else, you can always opt for using silk wedding flowers for an outdoor wedding if you are unsure of which blooms to avoid in your part of the world!


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