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Packing for a Beach Wedding

One of the most exquisite venues for a wedding is the Beachside. Nothing is quite like the beach environment, with the soft noise of the tides in the background which is a perfect compliment to the union of two souls through marriage. An event like this, require careful planning and to pull it off right……..

you need to make a check list of all that you would need to carry with you to your wedding destination. Here is a look at what you need to pack for your beach wedding:

    Wedding Dress: Ensure to pack this neatly so that when you remove to wear it at the venue, it’s perfect and without crumples. Ask the shop where you bought your dress to pack it well as you have to take it to your destination. They will understand about such things and give you a special packing. 

    Wedding Bands: Make sure to keep this in your handbag. This way you won’t forget it. Most people in their hurry tend to leave their wedding rings behind, only to realize it late. At the venue they have to replace it with substitutes.

    Personal Items: Make a list of everyday use items that you would need on your honeymoon and pack them

    Dresses: After the wedding is over, you would want to change into something elegant. Make sure to pack such item as well.

    Swimsuits: If you are planning to stay at the venue, in a beach resort for a couple of day, make sure to bring a swimsuit and general beach items that you might want to use during your stay here. 

    Extras: Take sensible shoes with which you can walk comfortably on the sand.  Ensure to keep your money and credit cards safely. You might want to consider taking sunscreen and a sun hat with you. Check on the wedding cake and venue preparations, before leaving to the destination.


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