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Celestial Theme Wedding Décor Tips
Celestial Theme Wedding Décor Tips

A celestial wedding is a great idea if you would want to reach for the stars, and perhaps even for the moon on your wedding day. Mankind has been fascinated by the night sky since time immemorial. The hundreds of thousands of stars sparkling in a dark sky are romantic and full of mystery as is the huge glowing ball of fire in the daytime that has intrigued man. So far as options are concerned about involving the heavens in a wedding ceremony, there are many.

Below are some celestial wedding ideas that can be built upon while planning your celestial wedding theme.

The very thought of the word ‘celestial’ brings to mind a star filled clear dark sky, and perhaps a shooting star or two that allows one to make a wish or two and the ever present moon casting its silvery light on the surface of the earth, no doubt, the ideal setting for a celestial wedding theme.

If you are planning on inviting very few friends and family members to your wedding an outdoor night wedding party will be ideal and intimate for the couple. On the other hand if you are inviting a lot of people than an indoor party will be suggested. The celestial theme can still be used further by choosing a location such as the local planetarium; many cities have one these days. However, a little hotel on a hilltop, preferably in a wooded area to enable your guests to take a walk out into the night, and have a drink in the starlight now and then is also a good bet.

A public lodge in a state park or a provincial or national park would also be just as ideal a location for a celestial wedding theme; so, consider the thought!

To add some fun to the theme party you could consider setting up a telescope or two for guests to have a closer look at the stars and planets in the night sky. This is also a good way to keep the children occupied during the reception as well as present the grown-ups with some unusual wedding entertainment fare. Apart from good food and drinks for the children this is a clever way to keep them out of trouble while their parents can enjoy your wedding party.

Décor and DIY tips for Celestial Theme Wedding:

The decorations of your celestial theme wedding reception should include of gold and silver stars, a yellow or silver moon, twinkling lights behind some dark fabric and the tables having great looking navy blue or black tablecloths. To give your celestial wedding reception a grand finale you could consider creating a contraption consisting of a shoebox or some similar casing. Cover it with black paper and fix an electric light bulb inside it. Perforate the surface of the container with tiny holes using a knitting needle or something of similar size. At the end or the party switch off the lights and switch on the light within the container that you must hang from the middle of the ceiling. While the container turns and twists you will notice a starlight sky inside the reception area. It will look fantastic and give a good ending to the party.

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