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Wedding Ceremony Ideas
Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony
Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is an institution as old as civilization itself, or perhaps older. According to the Christian doctrine, marriage is an institution that was ordained by the hand of God Himself. This is what makes it sacred and the vows exchanged must be honored ‘till death do us apart’ as is always.

A wedding on the other hand is the traditional ceremony that is performed and celebrated in order to attain societies sanction for two individuals of the opposite sex to live together in mutual agreement. However, modern weddings are increasingly placing more interest on ceremonial matters and making them meaningful for the couple concerned so that personalizing it as a significant event now requires a lot of thought and planning into the wedding ceremony.
Planning a Destination Wedding
Unlike a traditional wedding planning, a destination wedding requires a different approach. This is primarily because the wedding will be held at a far-off location, so you have to be prepared for the conditions that apply in your chosen wedding destination and therefore plan accordingly, for not just yourself and your spouse, but also your wedding party and guests. How do you start planning for a destination wedding?  Let’s take a look at the different steps involved in planning a destination wedding:


Step 1: Choose the Location.  What kind of a place do you want to hold the wedding? Do you want it to be close to your hometown or in a far-off location? Would you prefer a sunny weather or do you not mind a cold-weather place. Would you like it to be held close to the beach? Other aspects of wedding planning are based on your location, so choose well.


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Not many celebrities can have the kind of elaborate wedding preparations that Ryan and Trista had for their wedding, which is being described as the wedding of the century. It is believed that the theme wedding cost a whopping 4 million dollars.


Posted on Fri 19 Dec 2008 01:08:00 CST