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Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony
Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is an institution as old as civilization itself, or perhaps older. According to the Christian doctrine, marriage is an institution that was ordained by the hand of God Himself. This is what makes it sacred and the vows exchanged must be honored ‘till death do us apart’ as is always.

A wedding on the other hand is the traditional ceremony that is performed and celebrated in order to attain societies sanction for two individuals of the opposite sex to live together in mutual agreement. However, modern weddings are increasingly placing more interest on ceremonial matters and making them meaningful for the couple concerned so that personalizing it as a significant event now requires a lot of thought and planning into the wedding ceremony.

While some couples can afford a lavish wedding ceremony, some must resort to budgeting and careful planning to have a good and memorable wedding ceremony without involving too much expense, as this is the gateway to a new beginning and a life together. Whatever be your situation, it is good to remember that the wedding ceremony does not begin or end in the church.

There is a lot more to a wedding ceremony and a lot of it is fun. Beginning with the way the bride and groom are presented to the priest or the presiding officer, going on to taking their vows and exchanging rings and then moving on to the reception and party, which is normally the grand finale of the wedding ceremony, there are always many aspects to the wedding that can be personalized to make it more enjoyable and memorable for the couple and their near and dear ones.

Since the wedding ceremony, the part that is performed in the church is the most important part of a wedding and it pays to give the procedure a lot of thought. The wedding ceremony itself can be divided into two parts for the purpose of planning and can be planned separately.

The first part can be wedding dresses, flowers, bouquet, the way the bride and the groom will be presented to the presiding officer or the priest, how the flower girls, brides maids and page boys will assist the bride and groom and generally who stands where and does what during the course of the wedding ceremony and how and what decorations need to be put up. This is however, the ‘not so difficult’ part of the whole affair as professional planners take over much of the inspiration-lending and executing part of this aspect.

The second part is the wedding ceremony itself, which does command a lot of thought as the priest performs the ceremony and the couple participate in it whole-heartedly; sometimes there is scope for customizing the rituals. Some couples like to have personalized vows. This could be in the form of a poem or a very short speech that they write themselves. The thought put into the vows tell a lot of how devoted the couple really is towards each other and how seriously they take their marriage.

Then comes the exchange of rings. Here again the couple may decide to say something personalized instead of following the traditional, “…take this ring as a symbol etc and etc”. A personalized little speech adds a lot of interest to the wedding ceremony not to mention the memories that last a lifetime. The vows and the exchange of rings are the most important parts of a wedding ceremony and should be carefully planned.

It does help to get a wedding planner to take are for the nitty-gritty of the whole affair. However, it is always good if the couple put their minds together to plan the exchange of rings and the vows they wish to exchange. The rest of the ceremony, as they say, tradition and the guests normally take care of.

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